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Starts tomorrow.

New credits sequence on-line now - much better than last year's. I like the song.

Justin Theroux -- Kevin Garvey
Amy Brenneman -- Laurie Garvey
Christopher Eccleston -- Matt Jamison
Margaret Qualley -- Jill Garvey
Chris Zylka -- Tom Garvey
Carrie Coon -- Nora Durst
Liv Tyler -- Meg Abbott
Ann Dowd -- Patti Levin
Janel Moloney -- Mary Jamison
Regina King -- Erika Murphy
Kevin Carroll -- John Murphy
Jovan Adepo -- Michael Murphy

Out from 1's Main Cast - Aimee, Lucy, Dean, Adam, Scott, Christine
Promoted up from Recurring - Moloney as Mary.
New - The Murphy family.

The billing sequence switched a little - was Meg/Tom/Jill/Nora in slots 4/5/6/7 last time, but now it's Jill/Tom/Nora/Meg...
I like that Ann Dowd is still a regular.
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