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SOD: Steve gets bad news about Bo

Steve gets a break in his search for Bo when he finds the cell that Bo was being held captive. He finds the pills that Bo was supposed to have taken smashed up and he believes that this is something that Bo would do. Steve finds dried blood on the cell floor and then an armed guard catches him. Steve overpowers the guard and gets out of there quickly.

Even though he got out quickly, Steve gained some valuable information about Bo. SN says, "Steve is even more determined because the guard divulges that Bo was being tortured for information". Steve then comes across a camera that was in the cell where Bo was at and he tracks down where the video room is for this. He finds a tape in which Bo is dead (at least that's what Steve deduces)

Steve returns home, despondent and believing that his best friend is dead. What he doesn't realize is that Bo is barely alive in a new secret location. Bo undergoes "grueling torture." Bo won't give up the wanted information that his captors wants so badly.

When Steve is back in Salem, he tells Victor his sad news and tells him not to tell Hope yet......
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