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SOD: The walls close in on Chad!

Chad is now in hiding and he begins to track down anything that can help clear his name from the murders. He decides to retrace his steps on the day that Paige was murdered. Chad finds clothes in the cabin so that he can disguise himself and start this life or jail journey. He knows that there is a homeless man that tried to steal his watch so he goes on a mission to find him.

Abby stops by every now and again but Chad tries to distance himself from her. He loves her but doesn't understand why she is helping him. He tries to push her away for her own safety.

Even though he's trying to retrace his steps, he's well aware of the police on his tail so he is trying to work quickly. The police do find out where he was staying and with no money and his inability to use his credit cards, he turns to the person who can help....Dad!

Chad thought that Stefano was setting him up but realizes that he's not. He's also aware of the fact that Stefano has a lot of resources that could help him so he contacts him.

The question is....Will Stefano be willing to help Chad?
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