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Spoilers for the Week of October 5th

Monday October 5:
Victor and Roman try to convince Kayla to allow the experimental drug to be used on Caroline.
Rafe rips into Eduardo for essentially putting a bounty on Chad’s head.

Tuesday October 6:
Theresa and Brady fear something is wrong with Tate.
Chad and Stefano come up with a plan to flush out Clyde.
Stress over Chad’s predicament takes its toll on Abigail, who suffers a health crisis.

Wednesday October 7:
Aiden realizes there may be another way for him to pay off his debts.
Steve returns to Salem with disturbing news about Bo.

Thursday October 8:
Will uncovers key evidence regarding the Necktie Killer.
Aiden finally exacts payback against Clyde.

Friday October 9:
The Necktie Killer claims another victim!
Lucas supports Adrienne through a tough time.
Gabi and JJ develop a connection

-Stefano and Andre work together to clear Chad’s name.

-Steve runs into danger when he looks for clues on Bo’s whereabouts.

-Chad and Abigail share a fraught moment as he wonders why she keeps helping him.

-JJ tries to trap Clyde.

-Aiden admits to Hope that he has lied yet again.

-Bo struggles to keep the truth from his captors.
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