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Haha I knew Ben was a creeper! I also kind of get the fans doubt that he is smart enough to pull it off. Hes always been played as dumb eye candy but I dont totally hate the idea that its him. I'm curious what the explanation will be but I am really enjoying getting there.

Loved the Patch/Kayla flashbacks since as a newbie that was all unknown to me. I still think Joey is a little annoying jerk.

A Martinez is aging well, its been awhile since I saw him. I'm excited to see where they go with him. KDP is still doing a fantastic job with all the fallout from Paiges death.

Loving the idea of Teresa, Kate, Nicole we need way more of that!

What the hell is going on with Caroline? Are we leading up to her death (it would make sense if she wanted to retire) or will Victors cure save the day in the nick of time....
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