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Yeah Julie wanting to see Vanessas vote first was funny.

Watched some backyard interview stuff (i skipped watching a few people but did watch most of them), not much noteworthy info. Austin was told about the "fingergate" twitter hashtag he nervously laughed it off and took the 5th lol. Liz planning a move to LA and vacations with Austin/Julia. Vanessa was understandng of Steves choice and not bitter at all, still talking a mile a minute and explaining her every move and strategy. Most of them when asked seem to believe Van would have won if she had made F2. Clay seems less than enthusiastic about a relationship with Shelli but will honor his promise of a date. The only odd thing was that Jeff was nowhere to be seen. Not that he was a major player being pre-jury but everyone else was there. I dont recall anyone not participating in the backyard interviews prior to this. Everyone was happy and upbeat they all said they would play again.

Steve had his short segment on The Talk yesterday. Very short but he came off well.
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