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Spoilers for the Week of September 28th

Monday September 28:
Aiden makes a stunning confession to Hope.
Jennifer and JJ are troubled by an unexpected discovery.

Tuesday September 29:
An anxious Adrienne gets tested for the breast cancer gene.
Theresa feels marginalized as Nicole and Kate face off over their competing visions for Basic Black.
Abe is thrown when Lani seems to know a lot about him.

Wednesday September 30:
Caroline is hospitalized as her mental state deteriorates.
Kayla and Victor clash over how to treat Caroline’s condition.

Thursday October 1:
A desperate Chad attempts to secure his alibi.
Abigail seeks help with her wedding from an unlikely source.

Friday October 2:
Eve has a heart-wrenching day as she tries to get through Paige’s funeral.
Eduardo makes a bold move to assist the police in finding Chad.
Chad reluctantly turns to Stefano for help.

-Steve’s search for Bo heats up.

-Chad comes up with a disguise in order to track down his alibi.

-Aiden finds himself deep in debt with Stefano.

-Brady reaches out to a distraught Theresa.

-Eve lashes out at Jennifer.

-Justin finds a clue to Chad’s whereabouts.
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