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SOD: Marlena is attacked by the necktie killer!

Marlena becomes a victim of the Salem Strangler. She's working in her office in the evening. Someone comes behind her and she struggles to free herself. In the midst of this attack, Chad happens upon this and the Strangler escapes. Marlena loses consciousness during this attack and when she comes to, Chad is standing above her. Needless to say, she's freaked out and thinks that Chad is indeed this Strangler.

John is away during all of this and she gets help and support from Roman. She tells Roman that Chad is the person who attacked her. She then looks back at the circumstances of this horrible attack and has a change of heart. She believes that Chad didn't do this.

DH really enjoys working with BF and likes the relationship between Marlena and Chad. According to DH, she doesn't really see him as a true DiMera and more as a man "struggling with a family history". They have some really good scenes coming up in the near future too.

She is also working with KDP and enjoys this too.

She is also excited about the attention to the vets and this includes the characters of Marlena and John. "John and Marlena's history has been intense, deeply loving and their pattern is to always find their way back to each other. I think it's something the audience relies on. ", DH says. Look for more of the Hayes' too.
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