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Yeah I was hoping she would take Jmac his finals speech would have been fun lol. She was more worried about being able to beat him in the remaining comps than Liz. She also thought (rightfully so) that neither Jmac or Steve would take her to f2 over the other. Shes counting on Liz being out third so those 2 votes are back in play. She thinks as long as she can get in front of the jury she can argue her way to the win. She believes Steve will take her (he has told the cams/himself otherwise) now that jmac is gone.

Steve is an odd study. The conspiracy theory may not be entirely off base. I do think he is playing up the nerdy, completely socially inept persona ALOT. I think he has those qualities but he is very aware of them so in everyday life I imagine he is much different and plays them down and in there its the opposite. He is very smart and has shown in his self/cam talks that he can be quite ruthless and snarky, also grounded and calm. He is VERY aware and concerned with how he is portrayed and theres definitely a character he is trying to create. He wants to be a nerdy villain, kind of the anti-Ian. I say its 65% Steve and 35% exaggeration. I really do believe hes a mamas boy.

Van wins part 1 of the final HOH after 3 hours 45 mins.
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