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There's a number of explosions in next week's spoilers, lol. Should be fun.

I didn't think Shawn Christian would ever leave. Some are speculating he'll be the serial killer, which I'm really hoping isn't the case.

The identity of the Necktie Killer is revealed!
Already??? I've seen some debate that the Necktie Killer will be one character, then the Serial Killer revealed in November will be a separate character.

Cautiously optimistic about Theresa, Nicole and Kate being business partners. It will be nice to have Theresa doing something other than chasing after that knuckle head, Brady. Nicole hasn't had a good story in years, and I do enjoy Arianne Zucker when they give her some decent material to work with.

Someone named jbrr needs to get caught up. This isn't going to be as fun if you're 2 weeks behind, lol. Maybe BL will make another cameo appearance, too. :D
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