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SOD: Chad sparks Stefano's Health Crisis

Things aren't looking good for Chad right now. He's the main suspect in 2 murders and he believes that he's being set up. The main suspect that Chad can think of for setting him up? It's his Dad, Stefano. Chad decides to confront dear old Dad and makes his way on the DiMera grounds where he begins yelling at Stefano. At one point of this huge argument, Stefano falls forward and is in severe physical distress. BF says, "Initially, Chad thinks it's just another one of Stefano's manipulation ploys, but the attack continues."

Stefano's in a huge amount of pain and his life rests in Chad's hands! Family loyalty wins out and he tries to save Stefano. He is rushed to the hospital and he receives medical care urgently. So, combine all of this and Chad is seriously thinking about running out of town and Abigail comes to him when she learns of his plans. She asks him not to leave Salem and even says that she will help Chad clear his name. Chad doesn't want her involved in this because he honestly doesn't know what happens when he has those memory lapses. Abigail suggests that he see Marlena and have her hypnotize him. Abigail believes that Chad isn't capable of doing this. Chad is pretty scared at this point.....


Stefano's recovery is questionable thanks to an unexpected event......
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