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Spoilers for the Week of September 14th

Monday September 14:
Abigail is stunned when Ben comes clean about a secret he’s been keeping.
JJ warns Jennifer she could be in danger.

Tuesday September 15:
Stefano suffers a major health crisis… and his fate rests in Chad’s hands.
Kayla is upset by Steve’s plans regarding Bo.
Eve has a major meltdown

Wednesday September 16:
John digs deeper into his past.
Steve works to repair his relationship with Joey.
Aiden struggles to keep his secret from Hope, Chase and Ciara.

Thursday September 17:
Bo senses Hope is in danger and doubles his efforts to return home.
Gabi is released from prison!
Victor and Stefano have a tense confrontation.

Friday September 18:
Marlena puts Chad under hypnosis to uncover the truth behind the two murders.

Chad accuses Stefano of framing him for murder!

-Justin pressures Rafe to arrest Chad.

-Ben and Abigail argue over his deception and her feelings for Chad.

-Abigail urges Chad not to flee Salem.

-Abigail and Chad seek help from Marlena to prove his innocence.

-Gabi is happily reunited with Will and Arianna.
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