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Reba was my favorite part of The Red Dragon story. I thought Rutina Wesley was excellent. I think I even started falling in love with her myself. I did appreciate that there was some inner struggle between Dolarhyde's love for Reba and his transformation into the Dragon but, otherwise, I didn't grow to care about the character. Maybe if the show had covered Dolarhyde's unfortunate background? Perhaps Hannibal is the only serial killer I could be both repulsed and intrigued by.

So cool to get a new song by Siouxsie Sioux during that fight scene.

Multiple interpretations of that last scene. I thought Bedelia had cut off her own leg in a I-beat-you-to-it-Hannibal kind of way. Others had thought Hannibal had done it and that Will would be joining them for dinner.

Because I haven't enjoyed this season nearly as much as the previous ones, I don't feel like I'll miss the show. But I am curious to see where he'd have gone after the fall over the cliff. Maybe I'll miss Alana Bloom tormenting Hannibal a little. I love her hatred of him.

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