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Spoilers for the Week of September 7th

Monday September 7:
Days of our Lives will be pre-empted on Monday, September 7, 2015.

Tuesday September 8:
The killer claims another victim! Who will it be??
Chad makes a big confession to Abigail.

Wednesday September 9:
Bo is determined to get home to Hope.
Hope defends Aiden to Steve.
Eve receives devastating news.

Thursday September 10:
John reveals to Marlena and Brady the real reason he rejoined the ISA.
Bo’s captors demand answers.
Eve seeks comfort from Justin.

Friday September 11:
Theresa offers to be Nicole’s partner in buying Basic Black.
Julie, Maggie and Caroline reminisce about the past (FLASHBACKS) as they prepare for the bicentennial celebration.
Adrienne breaks things off with a disappointed Lucas.

-The identity of the mysterious prisoner is revealed!

-Aiden’s stunning secret comes to light.

-Rafe realizes the latest murder can once again be traced back to Chad.

-Kate makes Nicole an unexpected offer.

-Brady and Marlena try to dissuade John from his plans.
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