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SOD: Come Back Trail- Stephen Nichols Interview

Four page interview with Stephen...No spoilers...

He was very concerned, when they brought back Steve, how they would explain his absence. He seems very
satisfied with the explanation the writers came up with. Specifically he said Steve came from a tough background
with his family and it would take something major for him to leave the love of his life and children. Kayla means everything to him.

He met first with Greg Meng, and heard about the plans for Days 50th and that they wanted him to be a part of it. Then there was another meeting with Ken Corday and the writers who told him more about the story.

Asked about the positive reaction from fans when the news of his return came out: He says he is always overwhelmed by the fan support

He felt a lot of love from old friends (Crew and cast) on his first day back (specifically mentions KA, PR, MB, Drake) and they were all in sync quickly. He got close to the newer cast very quickly too. Everyone is very friendly and sweet. The environment at the show is very supportive and exciting.

Says everyone in the building feels like they are on to something, there is real collaboration going on that he hasn't seen since the 80s

He attributes onscreen magic with Mary Beth to the fact that they are dear friends who love working with each other. He also says Mary Beth is such a great actress and always present in the moment and he can't lose with a partner like her

He really likes working with James Lastovic/Joey and has high praise for his acting (compares the dynamic to working with Tyler Christopher on GH - which is high praise if you ask me because I loved their work together)

He has high praise for the casting director Marnie Saitta - all the actors she brings in are a cut above the rest and committed to the work.

After Y&R he complete a short film. On his spare time he does home improvement projects. He rebuilt his deck out of cumaru wood. And he has done some sound/music design for theater.

Updates on his family: he has 2 grandsons now (2 1/2 and 11 months old)

He feels fortunate to have survived all this time in daytime

Quote on contents/ page 2: "Playing Steve? Wonderful. Putting on the patch? Surreal. And always, working with my sweet Mary Beth...blissful"
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