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SOD: Salem Trails

Josh Griffith was approached by Greg Meng about the job as Head Writer. He's never worked with DH till now. He LOVES this show!

This is the show that he's always wanted to write for-- kind of nice, it's his dream job.

He really wanted to go back to the "Core and Iconic characters more than anything else."

He began with these questions:
"What's the show that I would like to see?"
"What do I think is going to embody that iconic nature?"

"So you really have to look at where you want to go as opposed to where it is and then make it happen. Sometimes it's an easy transition, sometimes, you gotta blow stuff up."

He really believes that this necktie killer will have us as viewers gasping.

They really wanted to make this 50th anniversary a huge celebration. They have built stories that will go beyond the 50th.

He said that there were some characters that needed to have more screen time because of the story written. He mentions Steve, Bo, Andre, Belle, Shawn, Philip and Ava.

He is the one who mentioned JPL as Philip. He was the one on WINTERTHORNE and went into a meeting with a picture and told the team that this was Philip.

His pinch me moment? He was having a conversation with MBE and the fan in him is saying, "THIS IS KAYLA! I'M TALKING TO KAYLA!". He was in love with her 25 years ago! :)

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