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SOD: Finally Tuned

The cast is thrilled with the change in this show. KA said, "The mood on the set is electric." SN said, "There's a great collaboration. People are really working with each other. Egos have pretty much disappeared. We trust each other."

Some tidbits about some of the characters and their changes:

John: Things turn fairly quickly with him and Marlena. John has realized that Marlena is the important aspect in his life.

Justin: He will be the new DA. Great story for him! Justin is a part of the Kiriakis family and it's kind of nice having someone in that position. He's NOT going to be a dirty DA.

Rafe: He's not going to be on the back burner any more.

SN said that even when he worked with JG on Y & R that they talked about Days and Santa Barbara and how JG watched him on both. According to SN, JG knows Days.
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