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Spoilers for the week of August 31, 2015.

With the chance for a new start on the horizon, John is breaking out the old charm in an attempt to woo Marlena. He’s got a lot of ground to make up for after failing to inform her of plans to re-join the ISA. What better way to show Marlena he’s serious about wanting a life with her than to craft a night devoted to her and their love? John rents out Victor’s club for a private night of romance, planning a series of special surprises as he takes Marlena on a romantic trip down memory lane. Will John’s attempt prove successful?

Oh Chad. He’s gotten himself in quite the predicament hasn’t he? After a failed attempt to get over Abby by getting under Serena goes wrong, Chad finds himself at the center of the Salem PD’s murder investigation. With the newly reinstated Rafe Hernandez heading up the case, Chad has some tough questions to answer.

When Justin is installed as the new district attorney, he’s given Serena’s murder as his first case. Rafe and Justin clash over Rafe’s approach to the investigation. Even though the evidence continues to pile up against the young DiMera, Rafe has reservations about going after him.

By week’s end, Stefano makes his son offer — he’ll clear his name if Chad pursues Abigail once again. Will Chad accept this father’s deal?

If Steve aka Patch (returning star Stephen Nichols) had ideas of a sweet reunion with Kayla, he better think again.
Aiden makes a mysterious phone call, revealing an ulterior motive.
Jennifer and Eve have a physical confrontation over Eve’s latest machinations.
Steve has a skeptical reaction to meeting Aiden.
Hope is torn whether or not to accept Aiden’s proposal.
Eric has a drunken meltdown.
Nicole turns to Brady for a huge favor.
Theresa seeks advice from Maggie.
Kayla and her now teenaged son Joey (new star Joey Lastovic) clash.
Steve figures out Bo (returning star Peter Reckell) is in trouble.
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