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Spoilers for the Week of August 31st

Monday August 31:
Aiden makes a mysterious phone call, revealing an ulterior motive.
Rafe questions Chad about his involvement with the murder victim.

Tuesday September 1:
John takes Marlena on a romantic trip down memory lane to prove his devotion to her.
Theresa, Kate, and Nicole unknowingly set their sights on the same goal

Wednesday September 2:
Clyde threatens JJ.
Justin becomes the new D.A. and immediately clashes with Rafe over the murder investigation.

Thursday September 3:
Hope debates whether she should accept Aiden’s proposal.
Stefano offers to clear Chad’s name if he pursues Abigail once again.
A distraught Eric lashes out.

Friday September 4:
Kayla deals with an angry Joey.
Marlena is upset when John gets a call to leave on ISA business.
Nicole approaches Brady with a huge favor, while Theresa seeks assistance from Maggie
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