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Fall previews for Days

John and Marlena: John will be busy romancing Marlena! Will this reunion be cut short when he begins looking further into his past?

Justin/Adrienne/Lucas: Adrienne faces a health scare and Justin stands by her side through this. As they begin to get back together, Adrienne still finds herself drawn to Lucas......

Eve/Eduardo: Surprise! Eve's Ex shows up in Salem! She's not happy when he tells her that he's staying in town because he has other connections in Salem.

Lani/Abe: A new, young and pretty police officer starts on the force and has an immediate interest in Abe...why?

The Brady Family: Shawn D returns and isn't liking what he sees. He's not a fan of Aiden....

Will/Gabi: Man is Will happy that Gabi is back! He's happy that Ari has her Mama home. Something happens to rock them!

JJ/Paige: They are slowly finding their way back to each other but will working for the drug dealer prove to be too much? Will JJ's cover be blown before he can take down Clyde's drug empire?
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