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Spoilers for the Week of August 24th

Monday August 24:
Nicole scores a major victory over Serena and Xander.
Stefano is furious when Chad betrays him!

Tuesday August 25:
Theresa’s latest plot has dire consequences for Xander.
Nicole shares with Daniel some surprising plans for her future.

Wednesday August 26:
Chad and Serena’s night takes an unpleasant turn.
Hope, Aiden, Victor, Maggie, Doug, and Julie rally around Caroline.
Will lashes out at Paul over Sonny’s departure.

Thursday August 27:
Eric makes a shocking discovery.
Jennifer and JJ find themselves in hot water thanks to Eve.

Friday August 28:
Kayla is stunned when Steve makes an unexpected return to Salem!
Caroline has a nightmare about Bo.
Aiden proposes to Hope!

-Ben realizes Abigail has lied to him once again.

-Theresa puts her plan into action to gain Brady’s sympathy.

-Aiden confronts Rafe about his feelings for Hope.

-Chad and Serena hit it off as they commiserate over drinks.

-Eve’s actions put JJ in a very dangerous situation.

-Hope confides in John that she is committed to moving on from Bo with Aiden.
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