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SOD: Aiden is attacked by Clyde!

Hope find evidence that Aiden is apparently investigating Clyde. She believes that he's in over his head with him.

Hope and Aiden book a room at the Salem Inn for a little bow chicka wow wow. She tells Aiden that she knows about his investigation into Clyde and Aiden tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. Hope then leaves to run an errand and Clyde beats the crap out of Aiden. Hope comes back and is horrified to see Aiden beaten up and she is "completely flummoxed and confused, wondering how it happened", say KA. She doesn't think that Hope even has Clyde on her radar in terms of who did this to him. Hope asks him to file a police report and to see a doctor and he refuses both. She starts to get suspicious now but she pushes this aside.

Because of this attack, Hope realizes that she has more feelings for Aiden than she has admitted to anyone. She wants to take care of him and asks him to come to her home so that she can nurse him back to health. This is pretty big for her because he is the only other man that has been in her house and bed since Bo.
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