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Spoilers for the Week of 8/17

Monday August 17
Hope fears she's put Aiden in danger.
After his fight with Will, Sonny rushes off to see Paul.

Tuesday August 18
Sonny makes a huge decision about his future -- leaving both Will and Paul heartbroken.
Danger looms over Aiden and Hope’s romantic evening.
Chad and Abigail have a fraught encounter.

Wednesday August 19
Rafe contemplates another career change which would put him back in Hope's orbit.
Aiden and Clyde have a major showdown.

Thursday August 20
Aiden lies to Hope -- and it's clear she doesn't know him quite as well as she thinks she does.
Tensions arise when Marlena confronts John about his plans for the future.

Friday August 21
John romances Marlena, hoping to move along their reconciliation.
Caroline and Victor bond when he pays her a late night visit at the hospital.
Eve discovers JJ’s secret and vows to destroy his plans.

-Clyde threatens Aiden.

-Stefano goes to Abby hoping she will give Chad another chance.

-Someone catches on to Rafe’s feelings for Hope.

-Marlena becomes upset when she learns John has been keeping a secret.

-JJ comes up with a plan to get Kyle away from Paige, only to later admit he still loves her.
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