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SOD: Abigail and Ben engaged!

Abigail has rejected Chad so Ben springs up and asks her to marry him. Clyde has put this in his head that they need to marry and do it pretty quick. Abigail is surprised but does accept this proposal. Abigail then tells Ben that she's pregnant and it's his baby. Ben makes a bee line to Chad to let him know his happy news about Abigail. Ben wants Chad to know that in no certain terms that Abigail is engaged to him. The question is..who needs to be convinced of this...Chad or Ben?

Ben is having a hard time with this because he has a suspicion that this baby maybe be Chad's. Says Robert Scott Wilson said, "Ben knows that Abigail is a cheater. He realizes what she's been up to with Chad. But Ben doesn't want to explode and confront Abigail". He feels that he has given her enough time to tell him about Chad but she doesn't so he stuffs his thoughts about this. He thinks that by stuffing these suspicions that his relationship will continue with her.

Ben thinks that it's a great idea to move out of Salem too since Chad is such a big part of this canvas. Clyde thinks that this is not a good idea and neither does Abigail. The thing with Ben is that he isn't giving up...
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