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It does suck that they've already been in there so long. It feels like this season more than others we missed quite a bit in that time. There has already been a few dust-ups it seems, no details just hgs mentioning them in passing. Becky told the trainwreck story last night and I'm pretty sure she said she didnt have to get plastic surgery as a result. I was trying to listen to 2 convos at once so i may have misheard but i think thats what she said. Jason is actually much less annoying than i was expecting, though he knows he is going to annoy feeders so maybe he toned it down a little knowing feeds were going live.

Da'Vonne is a poker dealer but claimed in her video to also be a good poker player. Seems weird she doesnt know Vanessa who is quite famous in poker circles. Clay is clearly a recruit and has no clue how to play BB but yes nice to look at.

John is VERY different from hi interview/video, not what i was expecting at all.
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