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Quick summary of night 1 feeds (assuming we are all cool with spoilers like past seasons)

Noms were Jackie/Steve and John/Becky- John/Becky won BOB James is the remaining HOH. The plan is to backdoor Jace. Seems its the whole house vs. Austin, Jace, Liz. Those 3 seem to think they are the chilltown 2.0 and have no clue Jace is in big trouble. Core 5 are Audrey, Da'Vonne, Jason, James, and Meg. Jeff, Vanessa, and Becky are the floaters thus far. Steve has nobody (except maybe John), he is very socially awkward and most of the house finds him creepy and weird. I actually think he's very sweet just awkward. Vanessa had a bit of a breakdown about missing home and hearing people talk bad about Steve. Not sure how much of it was legit and how much was gameplay on her part but there were lots of tears and a big pity party. Very strange for a woman who makes a living by having a poker face, literally. Shelli/Clay showmance may be happening they are flirty and talk quite a bit of game. Have-not room looks like a dentist office and beds are dentists chairs (Austin, Liz, Vanessa, not sure who else). I think maybe Da'Vonne and Vanessa got safety since they sat out of hoh and it sounds like Vanessa gave hers to Austin? Thats about all for the overnight. POV players have already been picked so its probably later today.
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