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Dr. Gideon and Hannibal were delicious, good fun. It was interesting to watch someone who had nothing to lose talk to Hannibal in such a manner. I'm pretty sure I hated Gideon when he was on the loose but it's been so long I did feel some sympathy for him in the flashbacks. I was impressed how calm he was, considering the circumstances. I imagine most people would be distraught.

I liked the creepy music but Bedelia descending into the "abyss" of her bathtub was hardly subtle. The image of Lucifer over Hannibal's face felt obvious, too.

Someone at PreTV speculated that Bedelia's hand down her patient's throat was how he "swallowed" his tongue, which makes sense.

Gillian Anderson is doing a great job of being believable as someone who is both repulsed and captivated by that creature who calls himself Hannibal.

Looking forward to seeing more of the gang in the upcoming episodes. I so hope we get to see Dr. Chilton this season.
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