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Happy for Joan, Peggy and Stan. A life in Kansas seems fitting for Pete. Am I to take it that Don was responsible for the Coke commercial? Which I really loved, btw, back in the day although as my husband pointed out tonight when we saw it: that commercial is actually kind of fucked up. But, no I didn't love the ending.

Also, what the hell happened to the Francis household? I mean, back when Betty was with Don out in the burbs, she had a maid for that tiny little ranch house. Now in that huge mausoleum..I mean, mansion, there's no maid, Betty's dying, Henry is out and Bobby is making them toast? And NOW Betty has a cough? Of course, everybody still smokes. Even terminally ill cancer patients. Thank God Bobby knew what was going on. The entire series, they've played him as though he was stupid, clueless and immaterial.

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