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Work wasn't one of Don's problems. Oh, he slacked off when he married Megan, and he'd have little issues with inspiration or not-measuring-up-to-his-rep from time to time, but I don't think Weiner is necessarily saying that work was crushing Don, even if Bert DID need to sing and dance that the Best Things in Life are Free as a good-bye...

Don's feeling that he'd never accomplished anything important, that he'd never properly honored his stolen identity by making it MEAN something... that he'd always let down his family... so he'd medicate with booze and make things worse... these were Don's issues more than anything work-related.

I think he CAN (does) go back to McCann and work, and it DOESN'T have to mean that he's going to fall back into being The Same Dumb Mistake-Repeating Shithead He's Always Been Before. He could still do his job AND provide for his family - be a BETTER man and father. I don't think we HAVE to be so cynical about his going back to work...

I think Don 'gets it' now, and has shed some of the shit that was holding him down.

I didn't need to see him come back to get the impression (from the last scene on the mountain, from hugging Leonard, to the phone call with Peggy) that that's where he's headed (home). I WANTED to see him have another face-to-face with Peggy, or going to see the kids, or... But that's all fine in our imaginations, too.

I'm kinda with some of the 'too pat' criticisms of the Peggy/Stan love scene, but... didn't really bother me, either. It was cute.

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