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Wait. There's a bunch of people disappointed Don wasn't D.B. Cooper? How did I miss that? LOL

>>>>>I don't think it generally did either of those things, though it specifically did both of them at various times...
That's my point, that the show has taken a neutral/balanced view throughout. The creatives are proud of their work, care about its integrity, more than once Don has made the case directly or indirectly that advertising is art. But that the industry itself was full of shallowness and incompetence. So if Don alone finds enlightenment in Big Sur, if the thing that has corrupted him/kept him from happiness/crushed his soul, was his work....

But reading around, there seems to be a lot of support that Don did, in fact, go back to McCann and make that Coke ad. Which I find appalling. He comes full circle? back? It doesn't feel right, unless we saw he came back 'different' - a better father, someone who knows work =/= life, who can integrate his work with his personal life, etc.

I dunno. I just know the episode did not speak to me, didn't enrich my love for the show or the characters, or deepen my understanding. If I was being petty, I'd say it played like the navel-gazing shallowness of a Hollywood insider who doesn't really understand people or real life. Which is sad, since so much of what went before clearly DOES show insight and truth.

The haters on PTV seem to be in the minority, but their comments are hilarious.
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