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>> Because it highlighted the very thing Mad Men had taken such pains to contradict - that the art and work of the 'creatives' on Madison Avenue was actually nothing but crass hucksterism.

I'm not sure I get this. Which do you find the show generally doing - holding the art/business of advertising as 'good', or condemning it as crass hucksterism? (I don't think it generally did either of those things, though it specifically did both of them at various times... usually, it just showed people who were good (or not) at their jobs, and I'm not sure it worked at persuading the audience to feel a certain way about the industry...).

I pretty much hate nearly all advertising, and think that a lot of it is poorly done (at conveying the message that it is meant to).

I DO love that Coke song, though... sure, there's a lot of nostalgia involved, but it's just a really GOOD commercial...

Series theme - Can people change? (Sopranos says 'no') A little. Don's a guilt-ridden alcoholic throughout... but I think, going forward, we may expect him to be healthier... He's still gotta stop drinking, of course, but... I think some demons got exorcised on this trip that didn't in the previous (two, I think it was) times he ran away.
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