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I really didn't like the episode much at all. IMO this back half has been weak and these last two episodes really weak. I'll be interested in reading the views of the critics, both of the series finale and the whole series in context. I'll remember previous seasons and episodes with much greater fondness than this conclusion season.

And I know this is an UO, but the Coke ending was crap. Because it highlighted the very thing Mad Men had taken such pains to contradict - that the art and work of the 'creatives' on Madison Avenue was actually nothing but crass hucksterism. So, I can't but interpret other than as Don finds enlightenment alone in California while every single other character is judged to be shallow and worthless. Okay, if that was the true theme of the series, then the weight of six previous seasons was skewed too far in favor of our leads.

Pretty sad when I was moved more by the AMC clips toasting the show than the finale.
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