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Funny 'oops' in Gate's review... she'd said 'happy for Peggy and Sal', meaning Stan. Peggy and Sal would be a far stranger coupling...

On the negative side, I don't think it'll go down as one of the all-time great finales...

But it didn't HAVE to. The show's position as one of the all-time great series was secure. They just needed to not fuck it up by having, say, Don commit suicide by throwing himself from the top of a building. It's unfathomable to me how many people suggest that would have been a satisfying ending.

This is an ending that makes sense, and does not cheat on anything that has gone before... the end gives everybody new beginnings. It's a happier spot for most of them than we're used to seeing, maybe, but that's just where we're leaving off. Of course, they'll go on and have good and bad moments throughout their lives like everybody else.

I did think we might have been building to an entirely different kind of life for Don... and that's not the case, but... well, maybe he WILL be different this time. He does have a family and people that care about him and a 'home' to return to. Yeah, the meeting at McCann he walked out on looked a bit like a fate worse than death for someone like Don, but... maybe he can make it. Not content to just sit back and be part of the machine (like Ted is doing), but if he can stand out and 'be a star' again... well, the Coke ad is big (to put it mildly), and that's an account he never would have had at SC&P.

I like that Peggy didn't take Joan up on her offer to partner up, because now Don & Peggy (and Roger) are still 'together'...

Weiner always avoided having our people be given 'credit' for any real-life ad campaigns that everybody knows, with huge exceptions at the beginning ('It's toasted') and the end.
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