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Peggy/Stan works for me.

Holloway-Harris because you need two names. Cute. I like Joan wanting to keep going and not retire and stick with Richard.

Yeah, I'd rather we'd have seen Don go home than stay off on his own (or with new friends) at the end... But I do expect that he WILL go home.... Last words to Peggy were 'see you soon' and to Betty 'talk to you soon'.. Gonna take that as true.

Happy-looking endings for everybody but Betty and Sally...

I liked how he offered to move out and help Stephanie... as with Diana, he's just searching for someone to rescue and have a meaningful connection withand be important to... but her 'what are you doing here? You're not family' was a fun response... Really cold of her to take off on him like that, but... It's okay. He needs a little recharge time, and then I think he'll go back to NY...

Stephanie and Diana and Margaret (Sterling) all abandoned children... Sad.

Story ran from March of 1960 to November of 1970. (The Coke ad was released in July 1971)


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