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Joe DESERVED to die, sure, but... I don't know. I expected we'd see him dead on the beach, and everyone's a suspect - and everybody's justified - and I was kinda 'oh, okay, cool... they didn't do that'. Of course, he may one day slink back into town and THEN be promptly murdered...

Since Tom was more 'in denial' or still wanting to support his Dad 'even though', I thought it a shame that he was just a bystander to the 'get in the cab' and there was no moment between them there...

Sandbrook was a little harder to invest in since everybody seemed dodgy and distrustful (and, turns out, with good reason)... just an awful tragedy that three of the four adults were culpable (and then we didn't see the only innocent one in the finale...).

Season 1 was better, but Season 2 wasn't bad.
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