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Well, I am sorry to report that Baker will NOT be one of my favorite doctors. (#4 regenerated in the Logopolis arc this week and now I get to check out Davison.) I was hoping I'd warm up to him, because it would have made my life easier if I, for once, ran with the big crowd but nope. I prefer #3. And even #2 and #1, especially in terms of storytelling.

I do know have a stronger understanding of what old-school Whovians are talking about when the are discussing what they view as a shift in the stories/styles. Me, I personally like even Matt's Doctor #11 better than Baker's #5, which means my list has him iat the bottom and I haven't even seen 5-6-7 (and need to rewatch 8's movie).

#3 (Capaldi still on trial, could be near to top...maybe not)

It is good that I can see how some of these stories and companions fit into the greater picture, but overall I found the plots really really silly, and Baker really really annoying.
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