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(I think some of my posts are in the watching and viewing thread, so I forget some comments-forgot this thread was here waiting.)

Up to #6 now, still liking this a whole lot. Very impressed with D'Arcy's Lee. I have no idea where that's going. I continue to adore Eve Myles and so this whole thing is really working for me in a creepy way.

The court case is playing well too. Imo the writers are really doing a good job looking at the story from a new angle and showing the difficulties in PROVING guilt...to the point I am actually wondering if Joe is, in fact NOT guilty, despite his confession.

And David Tennant rocks so hard. Am I imagining it or are the scenes after his pacemaker was implanted showing him in a different light, a different color, as if he's reinvigorated...no longer hagged, weak, edgy, but ready to move forward.

Colman is also great.

There are a couple glitches with the plot but I'm still able to overlook those. (Really, Claire keeps that necklace? Ellie's sister kept evidence she was sort-of paid to lie on the stand?)

Saving this here for when I finish the series.

Bilki: This article from Variety sums up what I mean... http://variety.com/2015/tv/reviews/tv-review-broadchurch-season-2-1201442231/
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