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This past week, I saw 'Wild'. I thought Reese Witherspoon was excellent in this very demanding role as Cheryl Strayed. Lauren Dern was excellent in the role of her mother. Perhaps some will find it a stretch to see Reese portray a loose woman/junkie who is constantly cursing while attempting to forget the pain of watching her beloved mother die and the end of her marriage. There are some moments in the film when it does move slowly, especially when Cheryl is alone in her journey. However, I did think all the flashbacks were a very important part of the story. This movie may be difficult to watch for some who have experienced loss and the dark places that can take us. Some reviewers have compared this to 'Eat, Pray and Love' - since I never saw that movie; I can't comment.

Not sure I want to see 'American Sniper' at this time. Maybe some day.

On another note, I never go to a movie alone. Think I should try it sometime. But I do agree, Dax, it's fun to discuss the movie with someone afterward.
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