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Henson definitely left willingly... She had a 'gentleman's agreement' when she joined that it not be 'forever', even if it was probably a pretty standard five year deal that she signed... She and they knew that she wanted 'less' than that if it was possible...

I think POI running seven years is a pretty safe bet (but I think I'd prefer it go out in six... I'm already anxious to see Emerson in something else...).

>> I wonder about Shahi dropping out to have kids at this time. This is the first really good job she has had

She's had other good jobs, and her name was in the mix for a bunch of stuff before joining the show full-time (Remember how her solo 'relevant side' felt like a planted spin-off? That was considered, but I think she was also attached to two pilots that season... Neither went forward, but either way, her career seemed to be on an upswing when she took the spot here...).

I doubt she'll really take two full years off, but it's cool that she can if she wants...

>> and I don't think her hsb is exactly George Clooney.

No, but only George Clooney is, right?... But her husband (Steve Howey) does have a good career going, himself (his show's fifth season premiere- Shameless on Showtime- is tonight, and funnily enough, his character just became the father of twins...).

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