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The part that didn't make sense from a legal standpoint was how the Latimers were looking for someone to prosecute Miller for the crown. This isn't how it is done in the UK...Also the fact that the two lawyers knew each other is somewhat problematic. Also I wonder the whole 3 hours to the court how could that be...but minor things...

I love that my side is the Fuck Waiting side...LOL too true.

Martha's Mom on Doctor Who was Ellie's therapist. LOL =)

For me Colman and Tennant just have it on the chemistry side, I'm not talking about romantic chemistry, but just their interplay is great. That was one of the main problems with Gracepoint, is that it is something that is there or not.

I do wonder if Joe's comment was about something more than just him being into children in that small town. That's a horrifying thought, but not impossible.

I'm going to watch again (of course). Digital Spy, which is my go to for comments on UK shows, had over 20 pages about the second series. Everyone who posts there seems to like the show though. =)
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