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>>>In regards to Tom Baker, it makes sense that you're still adjusting to him, KMI, especially because you've got so many other Doctors to compare him against. I really like Pertwee, and could see myself having trouble with Tom Baker if I had met Pertwee first. I wonder, though, if what you see as buffoon-ish I see as more of a playful quality.

Slowly adjusting. He DOES seem to have a good range, so his 'playfulness' will be balanced with a steelier side, which I will appreciate once I get used to him. He was great in Genesis of the Daleks, especially the Shakespearean 'aside/monologue' where he's debating the justification for committing genocide to destroy the newly created daleks. So many stories are starting to resonate with what comes later... <3

I gotta say the iconic scarf is driving me crazy! It's so....THERE. and sometimes IN THE WAY...

>>>>>How far off is "City of Angels" on RTV? I've read so many positive things about that one, and now I see that it was written by Douglas Adams. I'm currently reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I'm enjoying.

We have appx five weeks to "Pirate Planet" (which he wrote) but probably at least 4 months until season 17 when he was the showrunner for Bake's final season. that's tthe season with City of Death and Sharda.
(I didn't know this, had to look it up in my who-links folder... B-) )

Baker 4's run:

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