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It was fun. Probably the one Christmas special I've liked most, that I can remember. I'm a big fan of bickering/banter, most of the time, so the back-and-forth between the Doctor and Santa made me chuckle.

Also a fan of dreamy-weamy stuff, and this was no exception. The dream-within-a-dream nature of it was probably the main reason I liked it as much as I did. I can see the comparisons to Inception but this didn't feel like a "rip off" to me.

I was a little disappointed in the ending, mostly because I was looking forward to a new companion. But Clara has grown on me enough that I'm not pissed about it.

In regards to Tom Baker, it makes sense that you're still adjusting to him, KMI, especially because you've got so many other Doctors to compare him against. I really like Pertwee, and could see myself having trouble with Tom Baker if I had met Pertwee first. I wonder, though, if what you see as buffoon-ish I see as more of a playful quality.

How far off is "City of Angels" on RTV? I've read so many positive things about that one, and now I see that it was written by Douglas Adams. I'm currently reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I'm enjoying.
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