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>>>>>a mixture of Amy's Choice and the beetle that Donna had to deal with that created another universe.
A lot of the people being negative are complaining it was a ripoff of Inception, and I just laugh at that....as if Inception invented the 'reality is in doubt' plot. One reason I like the episode so much is that I do enjoy those kinds of plots when they are well executed, and i think Moffat did well. Other people are miffed that Clara isn't gone, which is unfair to the actual episode.

But most of the critics and fans loved it, and the general feeling is this is the best Christmas episode...or #2 or #3 after Tennant's Christmas Invasion and Matt's Christmas Carol.

>>>>>Again I liked the guest people, that was interesting in this series that a lot of the guest people I could see as future companions. Maybe they were testing in case Jenna decided to leave...

There's a rumor that Coleman wasn't sure she'd resign so they filmed two endings and we saw both since she decided to stay, and the guests were possible new companions.
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