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I thought Last Christmas was entertaining, but a mixture of Amy's Choice and the beetle that Donna had to deal with that created another universe. The quips though were very amusing.

Again I liked the guest people, that was interesting in this series that a lot of the guest people I could see as future companions. Maybe they were testing in case Jenna decided to leave...

I think that's interesting about Tom Baker....due to issues with my RTV (local sports preemptions, I've been missing a lot of episodes, so I'm rather confused...on the weekend RTV I missed Hartnell becoming Troughton due to going out for my birthday... When I saw the one BBCAmerica Tom Baker episode, my feeling was great love for Lis Sladen, and Baker was just okay...It takes time for him to get into the part, and I think if one really likes Pertwee it is harder.)
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