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I adored "Last Christmas." I know there will be a LOT of nit-pickers and people pointing out all of the dreamy-weamy mess, but there were so many good lines and character moments I was enchanted. Plus I love all of those 'reality is in doubt' plots, so for me that's a big win.


I hope he's right about Shona - loved her. More after I surf the hoi-polloi views.

(Retro update - still getting used to Tom Baker. I know he's iconic, but I am finding him more buffoonish than I expected, more like #2, who is the one I liked least of the three early Doctors. I adore Sarah Jane and her chutzpah. She is SO young. The writing is still very comic bookish. I am currently in E2 of genesis of the Daleks, a seminal series, and not sure what to think. Davros is a serous let-down so far.)
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