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Actually in theory, I would have to avoid everything related to any Broadchurch performer, director, writer etc. from Jan-end of the BBCAmerica run due to spoilers and also anyone I speak to that likes any person that is on that show who isn't waiting for the BBCAmerica run. So it wouldn't be just two months, but more and due to how social media works, even if I was watching BBCA version, tweeting or tumblring about it could make me spoiled if people are jerks and respond with spoilers. (I've seen that happen, someone will think they are helping and respond to tweets from people they don't know and share story lines...) If you only discuss Broadchurch here, it would be easy enough to stay spoiler free...as even if I plan to watch ahead I'll spoiler bar everything...

Send me a message...I can share how to access the Black Mirror Christmas Special...Cool about Jodie Whittaker being in that earlier episode.
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