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Last TWO episodes?... last THREE. Still think the third-to-last was the season highlight...


I was satisfied.

Jax killing Roarke (an IRA King) felt like something that... well, it might be FUN, but I don't see how the Belfast charter doesn't all get wiped out now...

Happy ending for Nero, Wendy, and the kids - glad about that.

Chibs is President and Tig is his VP.

>> The only thing we know is that she looks exactly like a woman that died as a result of JT's "accident" who turned out to be Brooke's mom.

I had forgotten that. But yeah, I was kinda thinking of her as being like the oranges in the Godfather films, a portent of a major death coming, except that she DIDN'T always appear at or just before the major deaths... Sutter says it's another Shakespearian nod, that magical ghosts/spirits element... but not SO overt that if you choose to instead chalk it up to coincidence, that's fine, you can do that... Anyway, she was in 1.12, 1.13, 2.2, 2.9, 3.11, 4.10, 5.13, 6.9, 6.13, 7.12, and 7.13.

Shooting Happy in the arm... ouch.

I do think they had to end with Jax dying. Would not have liked him riding off to be on his own somewhere... (... and then he's in Alaska, working as a lumberjack...).

Title of the finale is 'Papa's Goods', which is the company Milo is driving for.

I really like that Chiklis is the one that took out Jax.

I like the song.

The show had its ups and downs over 92 episodes, but I'm way more positive on it than negative... I think it's ending at the right time, and pretty much ended in the 'right' way, though I won't be listing the finale with any of the all-time greats... but it's not going on the 'bad' list, either...

I'll always be interested in seeing whatever Sutter does next. He's got Katey on board again for his next FX project, The Bastard Executioner... okay... bring it on...

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