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I thought the ending was very good and expected it to go down something like the way it did.

Loved the last scene.

Can someone please explain to me the 'homeless lady'? Cool with the bread at the end .... if that is what it was.

I fell asleep during the show last night with all the gang stuff and the Irish. I really didn't care about that anymore. I watched the rest of it a little while ago.

Overall I think it was a good finale. Liked how the guys were so torn up about Mr. Mayhem. Glad they didn't do it. I thought for a second they were going to remove Jax's patch from his body like they did to that other guy in one of the early episodes of the show.

LOVED Jax's final ride. It was very poetic. Pretty cool too when he took his hands off the bars.

So a few of my friends on Facebook are all upset saying things like 'It didn't have to end this way'. Also "Kurt Sutter is a sad evil man". WOW ... I don't get it. What did they think would happen? This isn't a show about puppies and kitties. I thought it all made sense.

OK thoughts?
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