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So I can't believe I waited a full 24 hours AFTER the last episode aired to finally watch it and I wasn't spoiled ... Woot Woot ... go me.

I thought 11 was better and this one was just sad. I wanted Gemma dead for so long but I hated that Jax did it. I don't know. I guess if anyone deserved to 'off' her it would be him but it was just sad. The nursing home scene with the dad was great. The garden was beautiful. Just heartbreaking.

Poor poor Juice. That really made me sad but I was happy he got to finish his pie.

Wayne getting blown away without a thought just devastated me. I was like 'What??? How did that just happen??'

Oh well. Next week I plan on watching live if it kills me.

Oh and I wasn't a fan of Jax and Wendy hooking up. I want her with Nero and for her to be over Jax ... I think that will happen next week for sure.
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