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The Three Doctors has been my favorite serial of all the Classic Who I've watched over the past week and a half. Mostly because I enjoyed the interactions between Two, Three and the Brigadier. I can see how it would get a bit boring, though, and Omega's story might seem silly.

Did you see "Adventure in Time and Space" ? If not, that might help set the tone. It's excellent. David Bradley is terrific.
Were they airing that last year around the time of the Christmas Special? I feel like I may have watched parts of it because I'd not ever seen Hartnell before.

The Daleks was mostly good. It held my full attention through the first 4 episodes, but by the middle of episode 6 I was ready to skip to the end of 7. I ended up just reading the recap for the final episodes on TARDIS wiki and called it a day. I'm curious about The Edge of Destruction because it's just 2 episodes that take place inside the TARDIS.
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